Svadba Mercedes


What a great way to spice up your wedding and enjoy the happiest day in retro style. Create beautiful moments by riding one of our cars and feel unique.

Car Rent

Car Rental

Whether you are a tourist in Skopje, or you just want to drive around with a cool classic car, renting our Electric ZAS G20 or the legendary Fico is the perfect option for you.


Branding & Marketing

The classic cars that we have are a real eye catcher and a head turner. Whenever they hit the streets, they immediately become the center of attention. It is the perfect way for you to promote your product or create an unforgettable marketing campaign.


Classic Car Experience

We provide you with a unique experience that is rarely seen. You can choose one of the cars we offer and enjoy their ride, use them for photoshoots, boost your marketing campaign etc. The cars are in perfect condition and we provide you with a professional service all with great rates. Contact us to get more information.

Can we reserve either for groups or individuals

Yes, you are able to reserve either for groups or individuals. You can contact us to see what cars are available and for which dates and we will give you all of the available options.

How to reserve

You can write us a message by stating the dates that you would like to book any car for, and tell us the reason for it. Whether it will be for a wedding, for a daily ride or any other reason, and we will arrange the further steps.

First we meet at our offices in the city center, where we collect the deposit and sign the lease contract; we then hand you the keys of the car and walk you through the basics of operating the vehicle.

Kindly note that the Mercedes 190, comes with a personal driver and is not self-driven.

What if something happens during my ride

We will explain the responsibilities and the liability, but our phone numbers are available 24/7 and you should give us a call as soon as something abnormal happens.

What is the price of each car

It all depends on the booking dates and the purpose of the car hire. Get in touch and we will give you a quote.